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Weight- 4.70 Kilogram
Site- Hkan Ti, Sagaing Division

Jade traders inpecting and viewing jade lots
Myanmar Gems and Jade Emporium

Myanmar is know as abundant supply of various gems producting country. World famous jades are found in Lonekhin; Phakant tracts, world famous rubies are found in Mogok and Moung Shu gem tracts respectively. Sapphire and various colour gems are economically produced in Mogok Gems Tarct. Myanmar Gems Enterprise is taking supervision and allowing permit for local private entrepreneurs, local entrepreneurs who wish to make joint venture production with the nation on mutual benefit allowing to produce in the tracts. Myanmar Gems Enterprise also organize the emporiums and special sales three times a year for the productive jades and gems sale. Moreover, Myanmar Gems Enterprise also encourages Gems and jewellery Traders to allow permit, so that the jewellery shops are being developed and the market takes place in Yangon. International Gems Traders and technicians take park in Emporiums which enhance to facilitate national income annually. Therefore, Myanmar Gems Enterprise warmely welcomes those who are interested in joining this occasion, can make contact to obtain invitation card.