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The Government of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar

Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation

Myanmar Pearl Enterprise

The Information on Myanmar Pearl Auction (December-2019)

          Myanmar Pearl Auction  will  be  held  between 11th to 13th  December   2019  at  Myanmar Gems Museum, Nay Pyi Taw, Myanmar.

          Any Citizen can buy one. Pearl Customer desirous of attending Myanmar Pearl Auction is required to pay Euro (2000) for a Foreigner and Kyat (2,500,000) for a Myanmar Citizen deposit in advance. For successful pearl customers, deposits shall be allowed to deduct from payment of winning lots. For unsuccessful pearl customer, deposits shall be refunded as soon as possible.

          You can apply to Myanmar Pearl Head Office starting from 2.12.2019. The Sale  Program  is as follows: 

           11.12.2019 (Wednesday)   

                   09:00AM 16:30 PM          - Exhibition and Inspection.

                    16:00 PM                            - Tender 1 Close

                   17:00 PM                              - Tender 1Results


          12.12.2019 (Thursday)       

                   09:00AM 16:30 PM          - Exhibition and Inspection.

                    12:00 PM                            - Tender 2 Close

                   13:00 PM                              - Tender 2 Results

                   16:00 PM                               - Tender 3 Close

                   17:00 PM                               - Tender 3 Results


          13.12.2019 (Friday)  

                   09:00AM 12:00 PM              - Exhibition and Inspection.

                    12:00 PM                                - Tender 4 Close

                   13:00 PM                                  - Tender 4 Results

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